Our Betrothal

“I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it:" Psalm 52:9a

This verse so accurately describes the recent changes that have transpired in my life this past summer. Most of you reading this have heard of my recent betrothal to the love of my life, Joshua Sickmeyer. To those of you unfamiliar with our process of betrothal, it is NOT an arranged marriage. Rather, it is a process of following the leadership and guidance of my parents, believing that God, through the authority and guidance of my parents could choose my life’s mate much better than I ever could on my own. After meeting and getting to know Josh, it was completely my choice of whether or not I wished to enter into a relationship and lifetime commitment. The whole process involved MUCH prayer and waiting on God. That is betrothal in a nutshell. One must be willing to wait on God, by faith, PRAYING and TRUSTING that He knows who you need, and when. It is not always easy, let me tell you, but I can say with full joy and confidence, it is SO worth it!

The beginning of the whole process began about a year ago, when my parents and I saw Josh at a wedding. We had known his family for many years, and his parents were very close with my grandparents, but we did not know Josh personally. Following the time of our meeting at the wedding, my parents, who were both praying fervently for God’s will, noticed that his name kept coming to both of their minds. Also, as we would later learn, Josh’s parents were also praying about me, as the LORD had laid my name on their hearts. This went on for about a year with neither side really knowing how to present to the other, what the LORD had put on their hearts.

Finally, in preparation for a trip my parents and I were planning to take this last June, my dad decided to call Bro. Sickmeyer to see if we might be able to stop by on our way through. My parents were thinking that it might be a good opportunity to “check out Josh”, to find out what kind of young man he really was. At the close of their phone conversation, my Dad then shared what the Lord had laid upon his heart concerning a possible future between Josh and I. Bro. Sickmeyer then shared that the Lord had laid the very same thoughts on their hearts and that they had been praying about it for quite some time and waiting for God to show them how to proceed in this direction. This, to me, is the beautiful part of betrothal. When you trust God and your God-given authorities to work on your behalf, and all the while believing that God knows EXACTLY who you need, there is no doubt that it is truly the work of God when things start happening!

Once we were able to spend some time with Josh and his family, it quickly became very obvious how easily we were all able to connect and relate.

Despite the obvious similarities of both families being in the ministry, there was immediately a warm, comfortable friendship that was felt. This was very important to me as well. Though you ultimately marry the man, I knew that who and what his family was about, would affect so much in a future marriage. (This was also very important to Josh as well.) I decided a long time ago, that I did not want to marry any man that had parents who could not be good friends with my parents or did not respect my parents.

At this point, I cannot fully express what it means to me to be marrying into the Sickmeyer family. I truly could not have asked for better in-laws! They are already like second parents to me and I know I don’t deserve them!

As far as Josh and I coming to the point where we knew we were meant to be together, things progressed pretty quickly. From the first visit to subsequent conversations, it became increasingly easy to see that we had the same convictions concerning spiritual, life issues. I also quickly saw that he had a vision of where he was going in life, and he wasn’t afraid to take the lead as the man. His sense of humor and love for his family, especially his open affection for his mom, confirmed even further that this was a man I could definitely love and respect for the rest of my life!

The fact that he is so musically talented really didn’t even factor in, but has certainly been the icing on the cake so to speak. When GOD does something, He does it perfectly, and you’re left with the knowledge that you are receiving far more than you could ever deserve!

Proverbs 10:22 has taken on incredible meaning to me now. “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” I have seen sorrow in so many couples’ relationships because they got ahead of the Lord, and I knew that was NOT what I wanted. I also knew that if I did not wait, that is exactly what I would receive! Of course every marriage and life will go through trials and battles, but armed with the peace and knowledge that I will be going through it with the man that GOD intended and gave to me, will provide a defense and strength during those times. I feel very rich indeed with what the LORD has done for me and Josh.

After much communication and getting to know one another, it was clear that our affection for one another was growing by the day. When the question came up of whether we could see ourselves together for the rest of our lives, the answer was easy. There was no doubt in both of our minds that a love, respect and commitment to the other had already been formed, and we were more than ready to take the next step. All of this transpired over the course of the summer. For those who have never seen or even been aware of this type of process, it may seem like things happened very quickly, and in all honesty, they did. There were absolutely NO doubts or fears in our decision to commit ourselves (betroth) to being married next year. Again, betrothal is all about praying according to God’s will and waiting for HIM to do the work. When it happens, it’s like salvation. You KNOW it’s what you’ve been waiting for, and that the LORD is in it all, from the beginning to the end.

Because of this, the time factor that is usually involved in the dating process, where the commitment side is withheld longer, does not come into play. Outside of salvation, I have never been more sure of something than I am about my future marriage to Joshua Sickmeyer.

To those of you single girls still waiting, I would encourage to continue to wait and pray in GOD’S will for your life. Follow and seek the guidance of the spiritual authorities in your life. I know firsthand that it is not always easy, but I can also now say that it is oh-so worth it!

If you say you trust the Lord…then live and wait on Him, like you DO trust the Lord.

I pray that through our testimony, others will also see that God’s word IS true and that they can rely on Him to do for them what He’s done for countless others!

Ephesians 3:20-21 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

Isaiah 30:18 “And therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.”


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cherith for being a sweet example of what Christ can do - and has done - We are so happy and proud of you and your testimony - We know God has great things in store for you and Josh. We are blessed Grandparents and so excited to welcome Josh into our family - We love you !

Anonymous said...

Cherith, that was beautifully written! It's so wonderful to see how much you love Josh! You both couldn't be more perfect for one another! We have been praying for Joshua to find the perfect lady the Lord made for him, and honey, that's clearly you!;)I'm so proud of you both for keeping the Lord first in your relationship, and it's fun to watch the Lord bless you both! I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law!!! I love you soooo much! ~Miranda Pearl

Aubrie Williams said...

Praise God! This is such a beautiful story. I'm so glad that God has such a perfect plan for each of us. There's no greater peace and joy than simply following it.

I can agree with Cherith that it is surprising how fast love can progress in a betrothal as opposed to dating. I'm sure committment is the biggest factor here.

I'm looking forward to more of my single friends experiencing God working in this same way. Be patient. As Cherith said, it really is so worth it and there will be no regrets!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful testimony, Cherith! We are very happy for you and Josh! Truly your betrothal story is  ...What therefore God hath joined together... Mark 10:9
Amy and Emilie :)

Anonymous said...

From someone who was saved as an adult after going through dating and divorce, I don't know if I can accurately express the sorrows of getting attached to someone and breaking up and even worse the heart aches of divorce.. and the struggles of remarriage and the heart that was previously given to a former spouse and all the sorrow and confusion that goes with a divided heart and home... God's ways are so much better as so obviously expressed in your testimony. I am so grateful to see God work and to direct my children to your story, so they can see and experience the better way, God's way.

Anonymous said...

We are SO happy for the two of you and are excited to welcome Josh into the family! He fits in perfectly and we love him already! :-)
We can attest to the fact that when the Lord does something, it truly does exceed above anything one could ever ask or think! His ways are indeed far above our's!
God's Word is true!! ~ Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." ~
Congrats you two! We love you!
~Sean & Lauren

Anonymous said...

What a great testimony and powerful example to what God can do in a single person's life when they are surrendered to His will. What a beautiful thing God has done for you both.

Anonymous said...


It was such a blessing to read your article, and how thrilled we are for you in your marriage that is to come up. Your testimony of submission to your parents' authority in your life is so inspiring. May the Lord bless you for sharing your heart with so many people. Our prayer is that it will inspire other young women to follow your example.
Dave and Carol Holland

Anonymous said...

Thank You (my Love) for writing and not being afraid to share with the world what the LORD hath wrought in our lives.

I pray it will speak to others' hearts that they too can witness the power of God if they but trust Him and surrender to His Will for their lives.

I love you.

Martie said...

Absolutly beautiful! So exciting to see what God is doing in your life. Praying for you.

Dad & Mom said...

Your written testimony here, says it all! We want to thank you for trusting the Lord and us as your parents enough, to wait for God's perfect plan to come along. We remember the days when it seemed hopeless and we all wondered about what was God's will for the rest of your life would be. The trials we went through in the process of waiting on God, tested our faith and strengthened it at the same time. What a joy you have been to us! Only eternity and He Who inhabits it, knows the great joy you have brought to us and to the Lord's church where you serve so faithfully. We rejoice in you and Josh and what the Lord has for you both! God's very best has been poured out on you. We love you dear Cherith.
Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

that was a beautiful testimony of God's grace and timing.

Jolene said...

Such a wonderful testimony that I wish everyone could understand. I did not have a mother or a father to help me with this process, but I DID have a pastor and a youth director who guided me to a wonderful, wonderful man. And now we are serving the Lord as missionaries in Ukraine and loving it (and each other!)

Cherith, thank you for being unashamed to be "different" and share that with the world. I pray your testimony can speak to other young ladies as it has spoken to mine.